Terms and Conditions

Working Practice

  1. On commission of photography, a representative from InArc Ltd will contact the client to discuss the photography requirements. Generally photography will require at least one whole day, as different aspects require photographing at different times of the day. There is usually a great deal of photography to complete and bulky but fragile equipment is used. This must be considered when choosing an appropriate day for the photography to commence. It is best not to chose a day where there are additional unrelated works being attended to at the property. (eg building works)
  2. InArc Ltd will try to do all residential or commercial property photography in one day. This is dependent on the size of the property and the number of shots that are required. For larger properties, it is likely that more than one day will be required and as such the total price of the photography payable per day will be reduced.
  3. The drone photography systems that we use for aerial photography and filming are susceptible to adverse environmental conditions and therefore a safety risk assessment will be carried out prior to each deployment. The pilot/ photographer will make the final decision as to whether it is safe or appropriate to use the drone in each particular location and InArc Ltd reserves the right to refuse a flight location if it falls outside the requirements of our flight operations manual.
    Commercial Drone photography in the UK is subject to regulation by the Civil Aviation Authority. There are regulations with respect to where one can fly. Representatives of InArc Ltd follow an approved operations manual which details the regulations and requirements of the CAA’s air navigation order concerning the flight of drones for commercial purposes.
  4. Weather is a primary concern with this type of photography. InArc Ltd will discuss the options with the client and will try to choose a day where the weather is fine. If InArc Ltd chooses the day and the weather turns bad then it is InArc Ltd’s responsibility to return to complete the work at another suitable opportunity. If the client or their representative dictates timings to InArc Ltd and the weather is not good enough to capture the shots that are required then a return visit will be required and will be chargeable.


InArc Ltd very rarely cancels an appointment. If cancellation or a change of date is required, please give a minimum of 24 hours notice. If within this time limit any travel and personnel costs are incurred as a result of that cancellation, these may be chargeable to the client.


Post production work will take place in the days following the shoot. Please be aware that the photography is just one aspect of the process and the images need to be optimized for usage.

All images will be retouched prior to delivery and delivery will commence as soon as possible post production. Generally this would be within 48 hours but on occasions can take up to a week in peak periods. If urgency is required please discuss this when commissioning photography.

  1. Images are supplied as retouched full resolution JPEG images as standard. For very large images, super high resolution TIFF files can be provided on request. InArc Ltd does not supply RAW files.
  2. If additional work is required in respect of retouching contact should be made within two weeks of delivery.
  3. We endeavour to supply the highest quality of images both in terms of skill and conditions  on site. However, if clients are unhappy with our work contact should be made within 2 weeks of delivery of the images to arrange a reshoot.
  4. Images are no longer submitted to clients on disks as standard. All images are uploaded to a secure web space that is password protected for security. These images can be downloaded by the client or their representatives as they wish. Disks can be provided at an additional cost of £7.50 + VAT/ disk to cover production and postage costs. Postage will be by Royal Mail. No guarantees can be made for safe delivery.

Intellectual Property and Usage

  1. All photographs commissioned and photographed by InArc Ltd photographers are copyrighted and owned by InArc Ltd.
  2. InArc Ltd implies a license to be granted for commissioned photographs to be used for the purpose that they were intended for. This usage is singular and reuse of the images at a later date must be discussed with InArc Ltd prior to reuse. There may be an additional charge for reuse by negotiation. Usage of the commissioned images is granted solely to the party who commissions and ultimately who pays for the images.
  3. InArc Ltd reserves the right to use their photography in promotional and marketing material, including private portfolios, websites, and occasionally other forms of marketing.


InArc Ltd and any employees and contractors of InArc Ltd agree not to discuss anything that they have seen or heard in a private residence or company building. They also agree not to sell or give any images or media to a third party without prior consent from the client. If confidentiality is also required post production, please inform InArc Ltd.


InArc Ltd carries employers, equipment, public liability (Up to £5m for ground operations & £5m for Aerial operations) and professional indemnity insurance. For details please contact InArc Ltd directly. Risk assessments and Method statements can be supplied if required.


InArc Ltd requires all invoices to be paid within 30 days of receipt of invoice.

  1. InArc Ltd is currently de-registered for VAT. There will be no additional VAT to add to invoices or estimates.
  2. Although InArc Ltd trades as Nick Ingram photography, invoices will be issued by InArc Ltd.
  3. Invoices will be submitted to the client who instructs InArc Ltd unless different payment details are received and approved prior to work commencing. Invoicing details must include the full name, title and address of the client, contact details and purchase order numbers where applicable.
  4. Commissions where the property or portfolio is in the hands of receivers or in administration must be settled by the client who initially instructs us within our 30 days payment terms.
  5. License for use of imagery of film may be revoked if invoices are not settled.
  6. InArc Ltd reserves the right to charge interest following 
government guidelines for late payments.
  7. Payments to be made by bank transfer or cheque.

InArc Ltd. reserves the rights to change its Terms and Conditions periodically and will inform its regular clients when this occurs.